For breast pump questions & help, please call The Expressions team at:
 (317) 688-2821. 

Childbirth Education

IU Health North Hospital: (317) 688-2465
IU Health Methodist and West Hospitals: (317) 962-6474

The North Childbirth Education office will be happy to answer questions or assist with registration!  Please call (317) 688-2465.  Diana Garino RN, Coordinator, can also be reached at .

The Methodist Childbirth Education office coordinates all of the classes offered at the following Hospitals:   IU Health West Hospital,  and  IU Health Methodist Hospital.  

Renee Oswalt RN, Coordinator for Childbirth Education  for West, and Methodist Hospitals, can be reached by calling (317) 962-1478.. 

“Women are seldom silent. Their beauty is forever speaking for them.” ~PHILIP MOELLER, Helena's Husband

IU Health is your community resource for health care and education during your pregnancy and beyond. We offer a full range of educational services to support you and your family during this special time.

Preconception, Early Pregnancy classes and Tours
Methodist Birth Options
Expectant Parent Tour (North tour - included in Lamaze and Fast Track classes)

Labor and Birth Preparation
Prenatal Yoga
Lamaze Series (5 week and 7 week all inclusive with tour)
Fast Track Childbirth Preparation (includes tour)
Teen Prenatal Class
Hypnobabies Childbirth Preparation
Next Time Around
Advanced Labor Support
Cesarean Birth 
Marvelous Multiples
Welcome to Fatherhood: Delivery and Beyond

Preparing for Life with Baby
Breastfeeding with Ease
Breastfeeding - Part 2 (after "With Ease" class)
Back to Work and Breastfeeding
Newborn Basics
Newborn Express
CPR/First Aid
Bow-Wow and Baby

Family Education
Especially for Children
Sibling at Birth
Safe Sitter

Parent Classes
Mommy and Baby Yoga
Welcome to Fatherhood: Delivery and Beyond

Support Groups
Mother Connection
Toddler Time

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